Eclipse Players Learn From Current College Players

Learning from College Players.jpg

A key part of our mission is to help our players through their college process.  As part of this, we are thankful that over the past two weeks our players had the opportunity to learn from two current college players about their college process and experiences.

Meredith Haakenson who plays center mid for the University of Michigan and Emma Greenfield who is the starting goalie for Washington University both ran training sessions and took time to speak to our girls about their journey's so far.  As part of Emma's journey she played in the Final Four this past December.

Some advice that they gave our girls:

-You think you’ll be prepared for college soccer but it’s a whole new world so there is always a transition no matter how prepared you are.

-You want to come into preseason fit but be sure to plan your training out so you have more to grow so you don’t peak in preseason.


-Make a folder for each college that you are interested in and gather info on all of the schools. You will probably hate doing this but it will really help.


-Work on your technical skills now as it’s hard to improve the older you get.

Arent Hiltermann