A Unique College ID Camp

2018 Camp Dates: December 3, 4, 5

We are very excited to announce the first six Featured schools for our College ID Camp. At our C3 College Clinics players participate in 3 sessions. Players are trained by 3 different colleges each session. (9 Total)  Come be a part of a rich history of players recruited via C3 Soccer Camps events.

Camp Dates: December 3rd, 4th, & 5th at the West St. Paul Dome

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Current Announced Schedule

Monday, December 3rd

  • University of Minnesota

  • University of Utah

  • Drake 

Tuesday, December 4th

  • North Dakota State University

  • University of Iowa

  • Missouri Western University

Wednesday, December 5th

  • Winona St

  • Macalester

  • Announcement coming soon

This event is open to players from any club.

Limited spaces available.

January 2018 Camp Recap

Eclipse Select MN's mission to provide players with the most intensive College Assistance Program took another step forward with our second annual College ID Camp in January of 2018.

"The camp was a great experience for me.  It allowed me to interact and expose myself to the college coaches.  It gave me a good viewpoint on the three different levels they have for college soccer and their coaching styles.  It helped a lot that I was able to have conversations with the coaches in person.  It was an easier way to build up the relationship with the coaches.  I was able to ask them questions about the college level of play and what I needed to do to get to where I want to be.  Overall this camp was very helpful and a great experience for me.  I highly recommend doing a camp like this if you have the opportunity."- Mady Dye

College Coach Panels

After each session the players were able to ask in depth questions and learn from the College Coach Panels.

  • Enjoy the process and remember that it is better to be late and right than early and wrong.

  • You are all Student Athletes. Your grades matter. If you want to give yourself the most options have a 3.5 GPA or above. The better student you are the easier it is to recruit you.

  • The first question I ask when looking at a player is "Will this player make our team better."

  • Never miss out on an opportunity to play. Playing pick up is a crucial part of development.

  • If I was able to go back to when I was a player but could use everything that players have access to today I would have been so much better. You can watch soccer all the time. YouTube is incredible. You can learn so much from watching. For our program you need to be a soccer junkie.

  • We want to hear from the player. We are not recruiting the parents. We spend a lot of time with our players and we need to be excited about who you are as a person because our culture is important and you need to fit our culture.

  • Don't be afraid to reach out. It is up to you to help college coaches find you.

Camp Set Up

Under the Radar Players (Grades 6-8)

  • The camp is held on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Campers receive three 90 minute sessions run by college coaches

  • Each 90 minute session has 3 featured college coaches running the training sessions and games

  • Campers will be coached by 9 college coaches throughout the camp

  • College coach discussion panels

  • Camp ID Shirt

High School Age Players (Grades 9-12)

  • The camp is held on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Campers receive three 2 hour sessions run by college coaches

  • Each 2 hour session has 3 featured college coaches running the training sessions and games

  • Each camp will have 9 featured coaches

  • Additional college coaches will be in attendance watching the training

  • College Coach discussion panels

  • Financial assistance webinar

  • Camp ID Shirt