Farmington Rec Soccer (PreK through 6th Grade)

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Fall 2019 Recreation Program Dates & Times

  • Start Date: Saturday, September 7th

  • End Date: Sunday, October 13th

  • Practice Day: Girls + Boys - Saturday

  • Game Day: Girls + Boys - Sundays

  • Coed playing nights if needed

  • Exact details for all age groups and genders at the bottom of the page

  • Location: Levi Dodge Middle School, fields closest to the parking lot

Boys Schedule

  • Pre K- Kindergarten Saturday 10:00-11:00am (Training)

  • 1st-2nd Grade Saturday 10:00-11:00am (Training)

  • 3rd-4th Grade Saturday 10:00-11:00am (Training)

  • 5th-6th Grade Saturday 10:00-11:00am (Training)

  • Pre K- Kindergarten Sunday 4:00-5:00 pm (Game)

  • 1st-2nd Grade Sunday 4:00-5:00 pm (Game)

  • 3rd-4th Grade Sunday 4:00-5:00 pm (Game)

  • 5th-6th Grade Sunday 4:00-5:00 pm (Game)

Girls Schedule

  • Pre K- Kindergarten Saturday 9:00-10:00am (Training)

  • 1st-2nd Grade Saturday 9:00-10:00am (Training)

  • 3rd-4th Grade Saturday 9:00-10:00am (Training)

  • 5th-6th Grade Saturday 9:00-10:00am (Training)

  • Pre K- Kindergarten Sunday 3:00-4:00 pm (Game)

  • 1st-2nd Grade Sunday 3:00-4:00 pm (Game)

  • 3rd-4th Grade Sunday 3:00-4:00 pm (Game)

  • 5th-6th Grade Sunday 3:00-4:00 pm (Game)


  • Fee: $90 per player

  • All registrations are online

  • Registration Includes a Farmington Rec Soccer Team T-Shirt - shirts will be provided on the first day

  • **Please register based on your 2019-2020 school year

Ages & Game Size

  • 4v4 games have four field players and no goalies

  • 6v6 games have five field players a goalie

Grade/ Game Size/ Roster Minimum/ Roster Maximum

  • Pre K- Kindergarten- Game Size is 4v4 & Roster Minimum is 6 & Maximum is 8

  • 1st-2nd Grade- Game Size is 4v4 & Roster Minimum is 6 & Maximum is 8

  • 3rd-4th Grade- Game Size is 6v6 & Roster Minimum is 8 & Maximum is 12

  • 5th-6th Grade- Game Size is 6v6 & Roster Minimum is 8 & Maximum is 12

Ages / Teams: Pre-K to 6th grade

  • Pre-K- Kindergarten (must turn 3 on or before September 7th)

  • 1st-2nd grades

  • 3rd-4th grades (possible Coed)

  • 5th-6th grades- Coed

  • Teams are formed by gender, but may be made into coed when needed

Farmington Soccer Recreation Goals

  • Players should have FUN in a healthy, relaxed, stress-free program.

  • Allow our small-sided games approach to be the primary teacher. Emphasize FUN and participation.

  • Develop soccer players with an age-appropriate curriculum and ensure equal playing time for all players.


  • Eclipse Rec programs totally rely on volunteer coaches for Recreation teams - please consider volunteering to coach your son or daughter's team!

  • The Head Coach only will receive a Coach shirt and a rebate of $45. Rebate will be given at the end of the season

  • One Assistant Coach per team will receive a Coach shirt

  • Eclipse staff has a variety of Coach Education materials to assist you in coaching the team

  • Eclipse will provide the coach with equipment and first aid kits

  • Eclipse Staff will be on site to help the volunteer coaches in any way

What To Bring To Soccer

  • What to wear

    • All players receive a uniform shirt in the fee. This shirt should be worn to each session

    • Shorts or sweatpants may be worn.

    • Shin pads with soccer socks worn over the shin pads

  • Soccer Balls: All players should bring a fully-inflated soccer ball to each session.

    • Pre K- 2nd Grade- Size 3

    • 3rd-6th Grade- Size 4


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